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Navajo Council Delegate Benally – “I hope that when a child asks for help that it touches your heart.”

Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee continues to debate LEGISLATION 0162-14, which is for the Navajo Nation’s acceptance of revocable permit from Hopi Tribe for preliminary studies and survey for design of paving unpaved bus route, N-8031, and bridge in remote area of Navajo Reservation where road crosses Hopi and Navajo Reservations. SPONSOR DELEGATE DWIGHT […]

Navajo Council Delegate Tsosie tells student to be glad she has bus to ride

RDC now on LEGISLATION 0162-14: An Action relating to Resources and Development, Naabiki’yati Committees; authorizing the Navajo Division of Transportation to enter into a revocable permit, approved by the Hopi Tribe, to conduct preliminary studies for design and construction of N8031 access road and bridge, and supporting the preservation of planning funds allocated to the […]

Monitoring water quality in oil & gas fields of Aneth, Utah

RDC now on LEGISLATION 0165-14: An Action Relating to Resouces and Development Committee and Budget and Finance Committee; Recommending and Approving Amendments to Resolution BFJY-73-01, The Groundwater Pollution Control Program Special Revenue Account Fund Management Plan to Reflect the Increase in the Class II Injection Permit Fee RDC CHAIRPERSON KATHERINE BENALLY This is about a […]

Completing four-lanes between Gallup-Shiprock, NM, in 2 years

RDC now on LEGISLATION 0167-14: An action relating to Resources and Development; amending Resources Committee Resolution No. RCJY-70-09 by increasing the acreage of the construction maintenance easement acreage portion from 167.64 to 169.685 acres and temporary construction permits from 2.81 to 4.564 acres, more or less, adjacent to and within the previously approved U.S. Highway […]

Who has jurisdiction at Antelope Point Mariana & Resort? National Park Service or Navajo Nation

NAVAJO COUNCIL RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE now on LEGISLATION 0157-14: An Action relating to Resources and Development, Budget and Finance, and Naabik’iyati’ Committees; approving the Memorandum of Agreement between the Navajo Nation and the National Park Service to implement a commercial permit program for Antelope Point, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Sponsor: Hon. Mel R. […]

RDC approves Sheep Springs chapter to be Tooh Haltsooi Chapter

Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee now on LEGISLATION 0164-14Legislation 0164-14: An Act relating to Resources and Development; approving the granting of a Right-of-Way to Navajo Tribal Utility Authority to construct, operate and maintain the “Kayenta IHS gas line” located on Navajo Nation trust lands within Kayenta Township Project (Navajo County, Arizona) Sponsor: Hon. Katherine […]

Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee opposes Rescinding of its Subcommittee on URI/HRI

The Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee came out of executive session at about 4:11 p.m. and RDC Chairperson Katherine Benally immediately called for a vote on Legislation 0104-14, which was to rescind RDCD-69-13, which created a Subcommittee to draft an agreement between URI/HRI and the Navajo Nation for URI/HRI to operate an In-Situ Uranium […]

Resources & Development Committee go into executive session over confidential URI proposal

Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee votes on caling Legislation 0104-14, which is the rescinding of RDC legislation that created an RDC Subcommittee to draft an agreement with URI for an In-Situ Uranium Mining Project near Church Rock, NM. THE VOTE IS 3 IN FAVOR, 2 OPPOSED. The two opposing votes come from Subcommittee Chairperson […]

Resources & Development Committee taking up legislation regarding Uranium Resources Inc.

Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee back in session and now they are listening to report from Navajo Nation Division of Health about transitioning to Department of Health, which is a step up from being a division. One of the reasons for the transition is a public call for more accountability of hospitals on the […]

Navajo Housing Authority denies receiving $30,000 from Navajo Oil & Gas Company

Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee listened to a followup report from Navajo Housing Authority, which is a tribal enterprise that the Council selected as the federal Tribally Designated Housing Entity to receive annual federal housing dollars from US Housing and Urban Development. RDC CHAIRPERSON KATHERINE BENALLY i still want an answer from NHA regarding […]