Daily Archives: March 26, 2014

Navajo Council approves erosion and flood control for 5 chapters

Navajo Council now on LEGISLATION 0012-14 which is for erosion control along Little Colorado River and which impacts communities of Birdsprings, Leupp, Cameron, Coalmine Canyon and Tolani Lake. Sponsor is Delegate Walter Phelps. It is now 5:38 pm and it’s still very windy outside. When I post my video tape of this Council special session, […]

Navajo Council approves $1.7 million for 6 chapters and 1 school

Navajo Council still debating Legislation 0027-14 which is for a total funding of $900,000 to renovate Lupton, Chichiltah and Chilchinbeto chapters. It’s now 4:57 p.m. Delegate Walter Phelps is asking for $180,120 for Cameron chapter multi-purpose building but Phelps is missing some documents. COUNCIL VOTING ON DELEGATE JONATHAN NEZ AMENDMENT TO ADD FUNDING FOR HIS […]

Navajo Council in “feeding frenzy”

Navajo Council now on Delegate Charles Damon II’s LEGISLATION 0027-14, which if for renovations of Lupton, Chihiltah and Chilchinbeto for a total of $900,000. The co-sponsor is Delegate Lorenzo Curley. DELEGATE JONATHAN NEZ there are many chapter closed. Olijato closed cuz of asbestos and we appreciate parks and welcome center for meetings. i’d like to […]

Navajo Council TABLES Navajo Oil and Gas

Navajo Council debating Legislation 0352-13 which is for Navajo Oil and Gas to renew its federal charter. Council took recess for attorneys to do legal research. LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL MARIANA KAHN Definition of quorum by law does not require delegate to vote and council has counted speaker for quorum. Rule 22: regarding conflict of interest and […]

Delegate Russell Begaye: I leave my Council hat at door when Shareholder

After the reading of LEGISLATION 0352-14, which involves Navajo Oil and Gas, Delegate Leonard Tsosie raised concerns over whether the court’s temporary restraining order prevented some of the Delegates who are also Navajo Oil and Gas Board members and Shareholders from taking action on Legislation 0352-13. Personally, this is why Elected Officials/Politicians have no business […]

Navajo Council finally approves amendment to 2014 tribal budget

Navajo Council voting at 2:48 pm on Delegate Mel Begay’s amendment for division director to prevent the return of federal funds to the federal government and if that happens, then their travel reimbursements and compensation would be terminated. VOTE 12 in favor, 0 opposed Navajo Council continues to debate Legislation 0337-13, which is for the […]

Delegate Mel Begay: Prevent federal funds returning to federal government

Navajo Council still debating LEGISLATION 0337-13: amending 2014 Navajo Government Budget with the addition of Conditions of Appropriations. Click on PROPOSED NAVAJO COUNCIL AGENDA to see what the Council is and will be working on but remember that the Council added two new pieces of legislation to its agenda. I’ll get the amended Council agenda. […]

Navajo Council approves 5 percent withholding of directors’ salary

Navajo Council still debating LEGISLATION 0337-13, which is for Council to amend 2014 Navajo Nation operating budget by adding conditions of appropriations. DELEGATE RUSSELL BEGAYE There needs to be a specific position that is held responsible for enforcing COAs. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE It is the oversight committee that wud make sure that COAs enforced. If […]

Delegate Tsosie: Withhold 5 percent of pay if no work

Navajo Council now on LEGISLATION 0337-13: amending resolution CS-47-13 2014 Navajo Government Budget by adding conditions of appropriations. Sponsor is Budget and Finance Committee Chairperson LoRenzo Bates. This legislation involves directives from the Council to remove endangered species from Navajo endangered species list. DELEGATE LORENZO BATES Conditions of Appropriations are ones approved by Council and […]

Navajo Council accepts KPMG audit of 2012 budget

Navajo Council questioning KPMG and sponsor Delegate LoRenzo Bates on KPMG’s audit of 2012 Navajo Government operating budget. DELEGATE LORENZO BATES regarding Mr. Tsosie’s allegation that there money was mis-spent. Page 13: expenditures prior to 2010 and 2012 Page 15: revenues versus expenditures and Budget and Finance Committee recommended revenue projection and B&F has never […]