Daily Archives: October 10, 2013

Naabi loses quorum

At 5:55 pm, Speaker Naize announces that “we” got 13 signatures for a Special Council Session on Oct. 16 and so the Council will be meeting. Speaker makes his announcement after one of the delegates comments that Naabi has lost a quorum of 13 members. Staff check conferences rooms and when no more delegates are […]

Naabi sends Energy Policy to Navajo Council

Naabi continues debating proposed Energy Policy after tabling motion fails because Speaker Pro Temp Mel Begay ruled that Energy Policy would continue to Council even if Naabi tabled. DELEGATE LORENZO BATES only way, tribe can tell federal government to go away is to own project 100 percent. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE how do change in law […]

Navajo law versus Speaker Pro Temp Mel Begay

Tabling motion at 5:15 pm by Delegate Lorenzo CURLEY. SPEAKER PRO TEMP MEL BEGAY If table, Energy Policy still moves forward to Council. Speaker Naize said ealier that a Special Council Session is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 16. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE If there is a tabling by the committee with final authority then that legislation […]

Energy Policy: Need balanced approach cuz people getting sick

DELEGATE PHELPS We need baseline and have very general language with 1980 document. And we had input several month back. I remember getting comments on it and there was significant interest in it. For sake of clarity, there is draft policy that has pages 1 to 4 which I’m wondering is preamble but confusing. And […]

Naabi still behind closed doors

I’m still here in the Council chamber south conference room waiting for Naabi to come out of an executive session for Reports on Water Rights and Navajo Transistional Energy Company. I downloaded my recording of Naabi discussing whether to go into executive session and then voting on it. I’m going to try and attach the […]

Naabi: Closes doors for Reports on Water Rights Report & NTEC $4.1 m

The Naabi Committee convened at 11:30 am with 14 members and after the prayer, announcements and amending and adopting the agenda, the Naabi went to the first item on its agenda, Update report from Navajo Department of Justice on the plans to assert water rights claims to the Upper Colorado River in Arizona. NDOJ Water […]

Naabi Committee adds $4.1 m for NTEC & Energy Policy

Navajo Council Naa’biki’yati Committee convened at 11:30 am. Navajo prayer by Delegate Jonathan Hale. SPEAKER JOHNNY NAIZE announces that memo went out for everyone to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. He jokingly tells Delegates and staff that are not wearing pink to leave. DELEGATE LORENZO CURLEY Navajo Hopi Land Commission actually got […]

Scratching backs for coal

Greetings Relatives/Frens, Navajo Nation Council Delegate LoRenzo Bates, who is the Budget & Finance Committee chairperson and Investment Committee member, and Council Delegate Roscoe Smith, who is the Resources & Development Committee vice chairperson, have slid their legislation 0305-13, $4.1 million for Navajo Transitional Energy Company, through the legislative process. And if the Budget & […]